Reasons to contact your local electrician

Maintaining safe electrics in your home or business is critical for preventing electrical fires and providing peace of mind for homeowners, tenants and employees. This article will explore the three main reasons people contact their local electricians.

There is a disruption to the power

Often, a disruption to the power in your property will be due to a broader issue causing outages to several houses. However, if it’s only your house that has suffered a power outage, it could be a cue that there is a more significant issue at hand, such as faulty wiring. If this happens at your property, you should arrange for an electrician to assess the wiring as soon as possible.

Water-damaged power outlets

If you have had any power outlets that have had contact with water, either through a leaking pipe or faucet, you should immediately turn off the electricity in the property and move any electrical appliances and devices away from the area. Water and power outlets make a dangerous combination that can result in fires or electric shocks. If you suspect any water damage to your power outlets, you should call an electrician immediately to assess any damage.

Signs of burning or smoke

If you smell burning or see smoke near your power outlets, switch off the electrics immediately at the fuse box. It could be an indication that there is a problem in the circuit or that an electrical fire is a genuine possibility. Whatever the source of the problem, you must call an electrician to assess the damage. If you have any concerns about the condition of the electrics in your property, contact our team today to arrange an EICR.