4 things to factor into the cost of your boiler replacement

The amount of information you need to find a reliable figure for the cost of your boiler replacement will depend on the complexity of the job. Obviously if you are doing a complete refit to a large house, there will be more to consider than if you are simply replacing the boiler. Here are some pointers to help you on the way:

Know what you want: Do thorough research into the kind of boiler you want – combi boilers are a popular, if more expensive choice, but you avoid any space issues caused by the water tank necessary with a regular boiler.

Re-use to save: Do some careful analysis, and get a plumber’s opinion, and you may be able to reuse some, or all, of your current system. Check to make sure the radiator types and pipe work are new enough to be salvageable, and that they are compatible with the new boiler. Then a quick power-flush and you could save money on unnecessary replacements.

Boiler location: whether you decide to put the boiler in the bathroom, the kitchen, the hall, the garage, or the utility room, you need to consider access for the flue pipe (pretty important), and the practicality of plumbing the boiler in.

The right size: Getting the right size boiler replacement for you needs will ensure you aren’t left out of pocket, or under-capacity. Getting a professional opinion on the size you need, which considers the size of the property to be supplies and its inhabitants could save you making a costly mistake.

Do your homework and get some quotes

So long as you approach a boiler replacement project with all the information you need, and a good clear quote that you are happy with, getting a new heating and hot water system will provide many benefits to your finances, and the running of your home.